Friday, July 11, 2008

Coke Habit

How do you know if you have an addiction? There may be subtle signs around the Bungalow.

You may be trying to "cut back" by using smaller quantities (with a concomitant increase in frequency.)

Photo of the Coca-Cola Truck & The Bunny Bungalow by Sharon Philips
Another big clue: The Dealer does home delivery!

Here I am sliding into antiquity without a safety net! Me, a former flower child of the drug culture. All my old habits are quickly being stripped from me. First there was the news that I can no longer have my French Merlot or anything with alcohol. Then I learn that psychotropic drugs are verboten, prohibido, interdit, запрещенный. What? Not even in Russia!? Early on in life, I had a plan: if old age got too ugly, drugs and drink would smooth out the rough spots.
But no! The only vices that haven't been struck from my once long list are sex, rock & roll and Coke. Hang on Tall Husband! But first I need another 8 ouncer, I'm cutting back, you know.

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  1. That is too funny!! My vice is still coffee,but hey wait maybe it isn't a vice,since they said that it may prevent dementia :) Thanks by the way for your nice comment on my blog about being a stay at home mom. In the area I live, I'm a minority. When I look at my confident daughters, and how I got to spend all the special moments of their childhood I don't regret it for one moment!