Saturday, July 26, 2008

Making Waves

1920's Wave Machines at David, Etc, Houston, Texas

When Tall Husband went to his hair stylist today, I tagged along with camera in hand. David, owner of David, Etc., designed his Salon, furnishing it with antiques of all sorts. My favorites are his 1920's wave machines. One is a Realistic and the other is a Silverqueen. They look like something out of the movie Brazil, sort of retrotech (Tall Husband's description of this genre of antique.)

The original 1920's Marketing Blurb for the Realistic is framed and hangs on the wall over the Machine stating:

"Start the season right! Install Realistic machines in your shop—now! Earn new prestige and profit. Cater to the tremendous popular demand for lovely soft, flat waves—CROQUIGNOLE waves—for Realistic waves! Use the handy coupon below. It means profit for you."

Okay, I'm going to Google CROQUIGNOLE right now.


  1. The add sounds like something out of the show called "Mad Men" on the AMC channel. If you haven't watched it before,the series begins again tonight. It takes place in the sixties,and is centered around and add agency. The costuming in that show and the sets are amazing! especially in HD!

  2. We had a guest last night, so we did not have a chance to watch "Mad Men" but I read the on-line reviews which were extremely positive. Thanks for the recommendation!