Thursday, July 10, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire, Monsieur Proust!


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Marcel Proust
July 10, 1871-November 18, 1922
Happy Birthday


  1. Lots of fun Proust posts for his birthday, but you have the best photo! Did you make the Madelines? I have the pans and the recipe, and although I am a most competent cook, I've always held back. Maybe it's time.

    Love your bungalow. There's a fantastic arts and crafts house just down the road from us in Sharon, MA. Beautifully restored. I am besotted.

    Went to Rice way back when.

    I have a Proust blog.

  2. Thank your for your link and wonderful comments. Yes, I made the Madeleines. You should try baking them.

    Love your Proust blog and will have a visit to your other blogs.

    I noticed on your profile that you like to listen to Jacques Brel; that brings back memories!

    My husband and two children went to Rice. Great University.

    Thanks Again.