Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crash and Dash

And I had a couple of dings taken out last year...in that very spot.

Hmm...wonder if the electronics still work.

And I was worried about getting a ding or hit by a shopping cart!

This is my old Bemer after I pulled the sideview mirror back into position.

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Some sleazebag sideswiped my beloved old Bemer and left the scene, as I shopped for groceries yesterday. A total stranger has decided how I will spend my time and insurance deductible. Were they on the phone? On drugs? On booze? Or perhaps all three? Whatever the reason, they left my sideview mirror smashed flush with the side window, a large dent and their white paint streaked along the side of my car. The only thing they did not leave was a note, taking responsibility for the damage.

At the police station, there was an interesting coincidence: An agent from my very own auto insurance company happened to be there, dealing with an identity theft situation for her elderly father. Not only does she know my agent but she gave me very helpful information on handling the hit and run. So I gave her the web address of Kim Komando, the Digital Goddess. Kim's website has information on all things digital including information on who to contact and what steps to take when your identity has been stolen.

Now I've got to go complete some paperwork on the accident and make some more phone calls. But if anyone saw a large white thing (Tall Husband believes the culprit was driving something large, like an SUV or van) sideswipe my parked Bemer in a Houston parking lot yesterday, let me know.

Hmm...I wonder if Kim Komando knows if my car could be repaired on line. I'll call her radio show and ask!

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