Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carter & Cooley Delicatessen

Early morning before opening

In 1989, Neil Sackheim and Randy Pace bought the old 1921 Simon Lewis building on West 19th Street in the historic Houston Heights and began its restoration, then opened the best deli around. They named their deli Carter & Cooley Delicatessen in honor of the founders of the Houston Heights, Oscar Martin Carter (1842-1928) and Daniel Denton Cooley (1850-1933).

This Community Improvement Award from the Houston Heights Association is well deserved. The restoration has been faithful to the history and spirit of the old building and has been executed with exceptional skill and care. There is quality in every aspect of this restoration, from the reproduction tin ceiling, to the period ceiling fans, to the color selections and the restored transom windows. You can tell at a glance, this is an affair of passion; passion for historic architecture and for great food; all done to perfection.

This reproduction light fixture was chosen for its resemblance to the fixture that originally hung in the old building when it was a drugstore.

Note the beautiful tin ceilings and reproduction ceiling fans. The pendant lights behind the counter also add to the nostalgia.

Neil related that the wall clock is a circa 1940 piece that originally had another company's name on it and was redone with the Carter & Cooley Co. logo.

According to Neil, many of the antiques in Carter & Cooley have been slowly and carefully collected. He points out that Carter & Cooley's character has evolved over time, unlike a fast-food franchise.

For those of you who aren't from Texas, that "Blue Bell" sign etched on the glass means they have the best store-bought ice cream in Texas at their deli. Tall Husband and I resisted but only because we had just eaten huge sandwiches of hot corned beef on rye.

Did I mention that the bread and desserts are wonderful at Carter & Cooley?

Carter & Cooley has the best collection of Houston Heights historic photos. Perusing the gallery is a favorite activity for everyone. Love this place!

One last look at that wonderful tin ceiling and the transom windows before we head back to The Bunny Bungalow.

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  1. That's exactly why I love The Heights so much . One of a kind places with hearts and souls .