Friday, August 8, 2008

Fairy Umbrellas

Fairy umbrellas found in my garden.

When I was a child, my grandmother told me these were fairy umbrellas; I still believe her.
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The wet East Wind had called to the Rain,
"Come down, little drops, to the April flowers;"
And over the grass and the sleeping grain,
And into the street they sweep in showers.
They tapped at each door and called, "Come up !
For the bleak cold wind and the snow are gone ;
Arbutus is lifting her perfumed cup
And the grass is carpeting all the lawn."
But the fairies that lived in the quiet wood
All wore their new spring bonnets that day,
So they raised their umbrellas as quick as they could
And under the trees went trooping away.
And the people said, when they saw them there,
The fairy umbrellas out in the rain,
"Oh, spring has come, so sweet and so fair,
For there are those odd little toadstools again."

— Well Spring.

From "The Poetry of Flowerland;" Edited and Selected by M. Alice Bryant; Educational Publishing Co., Boston; copyright 1894.

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