Monday, August 25, 2008

Heights Theater: Update

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Upper left: "Cinema Houston;" Upper right: "Houston Deco;" Lower right: Heights Theater featured in "Houston Deco;" Lower left: my recent shot of the old marquee and sign.

When we were shopping at the Highland Village Pottery Barn, Tall Husband spotted Beverly Berry, the Super Realtor who is handling the sale of the Heights Theater. Beverly told us that the old theater's marquee, doors and sign are "grandfathered in" so cannot be altered. To our ears, that's great news. She did say the restrooms are original and will have to be made accessible plus other upgrades. She is "working out parking" for the old theater. She went on to say that many people have told her they would love a restaurant there. We talked about how that area's being dry has not affected the business of the existing restaurants in the neighborhood (members can buy wine at some establishments and BYOW to others).

Beverly also mentioned a book that includes the history of the Heights Theater, "Cinema Houston: from Nickelodeon to Megaplex," by David Welling (copyright 2007.) We jumped into the Old Bemer and headed directly to Borders Books on West Alabama @ Kirby to buy the book. We also found another book, "Houston Deco: Modernistic Architecture of the Texas Coast," by Jim Parsons (copyright 2008.) "Houston Deco" also features the Heights Theater. Both books will indulge your nostalgia, especially if you are a Houstonian or a lover of historic architecture.

Contact Beverly Berry @ 713.302.6999 for further information.

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  1. I get so sad when some of the old theaters get altered or abandoned. We, here in the Bay area, are lucky to have a few that were restored to their former glory. One in particular is called "The Orinda" I love this theater,because it is exactly like the one I went to as a kid in my home town about three hours north of here. Every time I go in, I remember all the fun movies I went to as a kid. There are several others in and around Berkeley and Oakland as well. I hope they don't do too much to the one you have mentioned.