Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Neighbors

Hmm, what's that? Is our neighbor adding on?
(View from the front yard of The Bunny Bungalow in the Heights)

No, it's a midrise apartment at 2125 Yale in the Heights. That's the bad news. The good news, according to retail friends in the neighborhood: Kaplan's Ben Hur, the former property owners, were looking out for the neighborhood. They refused to sell to anyone who would slap a highrise there. More good news: the construction company has run a very clean construction site, as evidenced in the above photo. They even have a machine that cleans the streets used by their crew. They have also provided excellent site security to preclude attracting vagrants to the area.

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If you would be a good neighbor, click here to check out these premier apartments:


  1. My husband's grandmother grew up in the Heights and LOVED Kaplan-Ben Hur. She bought us tons of stuff when it was going out of business. We always wondered why it was "going out of business" for so long. Now we know why...waiting for a good resident!

  2. Those are kind of cool places. They probably would be a fortune if they were in California!!

    Oh, I tagged you :) If you want to play, come visit my blog.

  3. Hi neighbor (I live almost as close to the new apartments as you do).

    I don't think a midrise is bad news. Some density is good, and when it's appropriate - right on Yale - it can add to the vibrancy of the area. More people walking, more people going into local shops, more successful local shops (remember the poor Yale Street coffee house that withered away), etc.?

    These places are pretty undistinguished, but they're not horrible either, and construction has been clean and non-disruptive (I walk my dog past there all the time). I'd rather see this than more townhouses crammed in next to our bungalows.

  4. Hi John, Thanks for your comment; it's always nice to have a neighbor "drop in." I totally agree with your observations. I have only been in the Heights for a couple of years so I didn't get to experience the Yale street Coffee House. It looks like it was a cool place.