Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let's go Shopping for Antiques

Here's Looking at You, Kid. This wonderful example of antique American signage is five feet wide.

There's something poignant about an old doll.

I remember my grandmother ironing with one of these. She would start a fire in the old wood stove, place two irons on the stove top to heat them. The iron was held with a pot holder and when it cooled, she exchanged it for the hot iron on the stove. I had a tiny iron and pot holder of my own and ironed my doll's clothes while Grandma ironed my uncles' starched shirts. Grandma said that my tiny iron was not a toy but a sample iron like door-to-door salesmen carried to reduce the weight of their goods.

This eclectic collection belongs to fellow Blogger, Carolina Eclectic.

This antique sewing machine was built back when machinery was decorated with intricate patterns.

These tiny metal oil cans are a great collection.

Tiny antique photos and antique typography are poetic in these silver jewelery pieces.

Notice the old wood hat forms on the wall.

This is a great country cottage look.

Great goose!

Those tall iron gates would look great, welcoming visitors into a secret garden.

Those tall, Gothic window frames would make wonderful mirrors in a loft with tall ceilings. Also, notice more iron garden gates.

You gotta have a heart!

Dealers have told me that buyers come from all over the United States to shop the antique stores in the Historic Heights of Houston. There is an impressive selection and prices are reasonable, plus you can bargain with the shop keepers. Well, Tall Husband bargains but I pay what's on the tag. Perhaps that's why he's always ready and willing to accompany me on shopping jaunts.

This day we were shopping at Heights Antiques on Yale. It's a large antique coop with lots of concessions in a wonderful old building on Yale Street in the Houston Heights. New things arrive daily. We have found some wonderful British Arts & Crafts pieces there: a serving table for the dining room; an umbrella stand; a tall plant stand; and several antique bunnies for The Bunny Bungalow, of course!

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