Friday, December 19, 2008


Vintage Saint Laurent evening shoes: intoxicating.

Prada, the Devil's Shoe.

Life from inside a Prada: Evil!

Vintage Charles Jourdan of Paris: bubbly as pink champagne.

Vintage Walter Steiger suede: smooth.

New Helmut Lang evening pump: deadly brew.

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Vintage Charles Jourdan black leather with wings and studs; enough said.

Hello, my name is Annie and I'm a shoeholic. It all began when I was five-years-old and couldn't live without that pair of French red leather Mary Janes. When I get depressed, a couple pairs of Pradas dissolve the blues. But I don't shop alone; and I don't shop in the mornings either; honest. I can stop anytime I want. Hey, I've heard about that Twelve Step Program; well I'll need a new pair of shoes for each step!

Note: These are only a some of my huge collection. Luckily, my twin granddaughters inherited my long skinny feet and will soon give some of my collection a home.


  1. Wow, I thought these were from a book, not from your closet! I especially love the first and the last pairs.