Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Evil Twin

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Inez and her Evil Twin, a painting by Linda Hickerson-Hofheinz, was a gift from Tall Husband.

It was a special evening in an elegant restaurant on a New Years Eve. Our twin granddaughters were dressed in their matching party clothes, looking and behaving like dark-haired baby angels. We had just finished our dessert and twins Sofia and Andrea were bored with the restaurant scene.

Sofia: "Tita Ann, you have a fireplace, don't you? Let's go to your house and make a fire."

Me: "Your grandfather doesn't like to have a fire in the fireplace."

Sofia: "Well, I would start a fire anyway. If he makes a fuss, I would just throw away something he really likes."

Mother of Sofia and Andrea: "Sofia, Mama is missing a pair of new shoes."

Sofia: "You should be nicer to me."

Mother of Sofia and Andrea: Stunned silence quickly followed by a certain look that said: You will be dealt with later!

Note: Sofia loves this story, asking each time I tell it, "Was I an evil twin?" wanting to believe she could have been.

"Yes! Quite evil," I assure her.

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