Friday, December 12, 2008

Give Me an S!

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There had been a store named Day's, on Main Street in Houston, that closed sometimes back in the 'forties or 'fifties the antiques dealer told me. He had sold the Y, leaving him with D, A and S. I bought the A for myself and the D for a friend's daughter, Debbie. "Why not buy the S?" he asked.

"Because I don't have an S in my name."

"How do you know you won't have an S in your name someday?"

"You're funny!"

He loaded the huge wooden letters into my car and away I drove, not knowing that there was a Tall Husband in my future; a man whose last initial was S.

Tall Husband and I had been married for a few weeks, when he discovered that same little antique shop one weekend while I was at a conference. He spotted the big red S on a shelf. By this time, that letter had been sitting there for about five years. Tall Husband had no idea that I had bought the A at the same shop; he just thought the two letters would look good together.

So, when I came home that evening, we both had a surprise. I had an S for my new name and Tall Husband got to hear the story of how I had, years earlier, refused to buy the S.

"I wonder," said Tall Husband, "Who got the apostrophe from Day's?"

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  1. Boy some force of nature was really pulling you two together!!