Monday, December 15, 2008

Urban Bungalows

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Early morning view of urban bungalows on Center Street, Houston, Texas. These two homes designed by Brett Zamore are for sale.

Their three gables stood out like white sails against the distant sky. I had never noticed them before, yet these strange visages seemed vaguely familiar. I made a mental note to check them out the next day, as Tall Husband and I were on our way to an appointment and did not have time for exploration.

The next morning after breakfast we drove down Washington Avenue in search of the three soaring gables. "Slow down; take the next right; double back!" There they were, two wonderful urban bungalows, strutting their stuff. Up close and personal the quality of their construction was impressive, as was their wonderful less-is-more design. I fell in love with the soaring roof line and the lofty ceilings that were visible from the outdoor decks. Searching through my memory bank, I recalled having seen something like them years earlier in a magazine, then more recently in a posting on Carolina Eclectic's blog.

It turns out my memory was right on. These designs, by Brett Zamore of Zamore Homes in Houston, have been featured widely in the media and I had seen his Kaplan house in Dwell Magazine, 2005.
Then these new houses are on Carolina's blog. These Center Street homes are a joint venture of Zamore Homes and Area 16, which has its office next door in a remodeled bungalow.

As we drove away, I was totally smitten and ready to sell My Ranchburger and move into one of these bungalows or "shot-trots" as their designer calls them. Our Le Corbusier furniture would look perfect there and the area is not far from The Bunny Bungalow. Tall Husband was listing reasons not to, reminding me that I fall in love with a new house at least once a month.

We were blocks away when I suddenly remembered that there had been three gables. Where was the third one? So we double back and find that the third gable is behind the Area 16 bungalow/office. Later we learn from their website that this third gable belongs to a small (400 square-foot) house also designed by Zamore and it is for rent.

Outside Links to These Urban Bungalows:

Carolina Eclectic's Posting "Ready-to-assemble kit-homes built with off-the-shelf components that provide high-design, affordability, customization, and energy efficiency in an easy, hassle-free solution." for 4309 Center Street, Houston, TX 77007 for 4307 Center Street, Houston, TX 77007

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