Wednesday, December 10, 2008


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This disgusting moss, which is usually a bright green, is on the wane due to cold, dry weather over at My Ranchburger.

There is a dark, dank corner in my life. It is under my mailbox, on the brick, at My Ranchburger and I'm constantly spraying it with every caustic spray I can lay my hands on just to keep it at bay. But today I ran into an idea that gave me pause: green graffiti, graffiti made of moss.

It seems that one woman's moss problem is another woman's medium. British artist Anna Garforth has decorated London with the green graffiti words of poet Eleanor Stevens. In Brooklyn, artist Edina Tokodi adds her green graffiti animals to any wall she can find. There are recipes for graffiti moss all over the Internet. (I think there is a horror movie here: Husband finds artist wife's graffiti swill, drinks it and becomes Mossiti Man, menacing Houston when he crawls out of the bayous at night; but I digress!)

Visit these sites for more about green graffiti:

Anna Garforth, AKA,
Edina Tokodi, Green Graffiti artist
Guerrilla Gardening for graffiti moss recipe

See you later; I'm opting for my bleach mix on the brick. Any artists who come to visit, BYOP (bring your own paper.)

Cleaning Hint: Tall Husband uses 91% isopropyl alcohol and a cloth to remove graffiti paint from things like stop signs and cars.

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