Monday, December 8, 2008

Open Thank You Note

Unlucky duck. How would you like your feet cast then attached to a mirror? (Photo shot with old Nikon D40x with new micro-Nikkor lens.) I've got a lot to learn!

Lucky duck! Me and my new Nikon D90.
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Tall Husband and I have never bought gifts for an occasion but when the right gift presents itself...that's an occasion for him to go overboard! And I'm thrilled he does. Tall Husband, thank you, thank you for the new camera and lens. I promise improvement! Maybe not great things like the Pulitzer but improvement.

Also, a special thanks to the staff at Camera Co/Op, Houston for their professional assistance and fine products.


  1. You are one lucky girl. My husband and I are kinda looking at a couple of Nikon options before our trip to France this summer. You will have to give updates on how you are coming along with the camera. Another blogger just got the D80 and I'm wondering which one is better now.

  2. Hello Elizabeth,

    Tall Husband recommends the Nikon D90, as the D80 is "old technology." The D90 also has HD video. What I learned today: if the camera is on a tripod and I shoot remotely, I have to cover the viewfinder with a cover, that comes with the camera, or the photo is compromised by light entering through the viewfinder.