Friday, June 5, 2009

I Want to Hide

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No time to say much. Tall Husband and I are working from My Ranchburger today. And he is in a tizzy...the microwave quit with a loud pop this morning when he was heating his cream for a cup of coffee. So now my day, perhaps my life, is about the drama of an appliance. The kitchen is a mess, as he has taken the blasted appliance and the adjacent oven from their nooks in the wall. To hear him tell it, this half of the house will have to be replaced.

I want to hide like that little drab ladybug in the photo above.


  1. Appliances are easily replaced, except, perhaps, broken water heaters, but that's what professionals are for! Just go to the store, pick out new appliance, take home or schedule delivery and install. Why do men make this so hard?

    And, by the way, I'm pretty sure the cream/milk can be gently warmed on the stove, right?

    But I'm with you. When they start to roar, I'm off to another part of the house!

  2. I'm suddenly having trouble leaving a comment. One more try.

    Annie, my teenager once decided to leave popcorn unattended. One KABOOM! later, we were left without a microwave, and the putrid smell of burnt popcorn, which lingered on for days.

    So, I feel your frustration. But, you're lucky it was just a microwave. Some years ago, while I was lolligagging out back, my dear husband dropped an air conditioner...from a window...on the second floor...landing on our brand new deck.

    And he missed. Beep beep.

    Alas, all we can do is love them, while keeping a safe distance.

  3. Oh I hate it when that happens. My husband has no problem taking things apart while I'm all about planning how it should be done. Then he's got whatever it is fixed already and I'm still in the "what shall we do" phase. I try to just leave the room so I won't see what's happening! Ha! Yup, hiding out works!

  4. Annie - I love your witty reparte! I can just see Tall Husband in my mind - gotta chuckle.

  5. Pop and Ice:
    I took your advice and just went to the store and bought new microwave and oven and a scheduled professional installation. (after all, I have a stainless steel sink with all the fittings that have been sitting in my T.V. room for 3 years awaiting TH to feel inspired...I'm calling in professional help on that one this month.)

    Marysol: Loved your story. Safe distance is good advice!

    Coralie: Yes, leaving the room works for me. Thanks for the moral support.

    Thanks for your perspective. I can chuckle now that professional help is on the way.