Friday, September 25, 2009

Antiquing: Texas Style

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As we say in these parts, Coming to a cow pasture near you! It's that time of year here in Texas. Every Spring and Fall, two tiny neighboring Texas towns, Round Top and Warrenton, host the largest antiques event in the world. The tents are up and the truck-loads of antiques and dealers from around the world are headed this way.

Tall Husband and I will be attending a blog party at Zapp Hall in Warrenton Sunday evening. The event is hosted by dealer and blogger, Theresa of
Garden Antqs Vintage.

Stan Williams, a New York based lifestyles journalist and author of
The Find, will be at the party for a book signing. I already have his book and it's wonderful...full of photos, by Jim Franco, of unique, magical homes pulled together with antiques and found objects. Theresa also hints that a famous blogger from France may be at her party. Could it be...? Well, I think I know who!

We cannot believe our good luck...yesterday, we found one vacancy in Brenham, Texas, near Round Top. It's at our favorite B&B, the historic Ant Street Inn. So we have a place to crash after the party.

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Ant Street Inn, Brenham, Texas

Note: Next week...Tuesday, September 29th...Tall Husband and I will attend the Early Buying Party at Marburger Farm Antiques Show in Round Top, Texas. Stay tuned for that!


  1. looks like our Texas weather will cooperate for the weekend...have fun

  2. Hi Annie, thanks for the information, it sounds like fun... I would love to meet you there in person!

  3. Hi Annie - I stayed at the Ant Street Inn for years during antique week! So lucky that you got a room! Have so much fun - I will be heading over on Monday - can't wait!!

  4. Hi sweetie!

    sorry I am going to miss ya'll at Ms. T's party! But, I just returned from 3 days of shopping through the mud, wet & cold and lovin' every moment! I will be back on Tuesday for Marburger...hopefully, you can come to the yaya party on the 8th!


  5. You got the Round Top Mojo Workin girl!!!!

  6. Can't wait to hear about your trip and see your wonderful photos!