Monday, September 7, 2009

Say No to Candle Soot

This smokeless, environmentally friendly candle is from Beadboard UpCountry in Brenham, Texas.

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Thanks to Maryanne and Peter of Beadboard UpCountry, we are replacing our smudge pots (old candles) with environmentally friendly candles. Maryanne and Peter told us about the soot damage that candles made from petroleum by products cause. Even if you don't keep shop in an historic building, as they do, you still don't want candle soot on your ceiling or carpets. And you don't want to be breathing candle soot.

Beadboard Upcountry now carries only the clean burning candles, including battery-powered candles that flicker with the elegance of the real candles. So, no candle soot shall touch our old bungalow.


  1. I so agree. I have so many beautiful candle holders, received as gifts - yet I dislike burning candles because of the soot. They really can dirty your walls and windows. Thanks for the heads up - I'll keep an eye out for the soot free ones.

  2. I discovered her blog through yours. Does she sell online? I couldn't tell from the website. I would love to visit her store but it's a bit far for me to travel from here. I hate the black smoke from regular candles.

  3. these candles sound perfect. I worry about the black smoke and all their toxins around my children and pets. thanks for sharing this with us

  4. What a wonderful idea! I shall check them out.

  5. I have so many of the battery operated light up candles that flcker and are actually covered with real dripping wax on the outside. They are amazing!

  6. And look at that pretty packaging. i am a sucker for really cute packaging!

  7. My youngest son and I have asthma, so we nixed the chemical candles long ago. I love the smell of beeswax candles, but this is a great alternative, too.

    Thanks for sharing. I think Christmas present shopping will be much easier this year.