Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kids Still Say the Darndest Things

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If you were to ask me to name my favorite television show of all times, I would tell you that has to be Art Linkletter's House Party, which ran on CBS from 1952 to 1970. The segment of the show in which he interviewed children, Kids Say the Darndest Things, was what kept me and the rest of America watching. Art knew that a kid's perspective on life was important and entertaining. He taught us that what kids have to say is important and that we should listen.

Following Art's example, I've been listening to kids my entire life and I can tell you that the really important stuff I've learned in life, I have learned from kids. Here's just a few of the things they have taught me:
  • Babies don't fall out of their mommy's tummies because they are tied in by a string.
  • You can repair anything with a hammer and some tape.
  • A good story for you to read is about a girl named Cinderella and her Fairy Guard Mother.
  • Boys think that the Bogeyman is in the closet but girls know that he is really under their bed.
  • Every citizen in the United States has silver rights.
  • All fairytales should begin with the phrase, One piece of time and end with, I don't remember the rest.
  • If your pants are too short, wear a pair of highheels which will push your legs up into your pants, making the pants look the right length.
  • Mama couldn't possibly be Santa Clause because she's not fat enough and doesn't have much of a beard.
  • The main cause of fires is the Dalmatian dog that rides on the firetruck.
  • If you still have checks in your checkbook, you still have money at the bank.
  • If a new sibling has over stayed his welcome, ask Mom if she's going to return him when she takes the library books back.
  • Jello should be served at every meal.
  • If you go to a foreign country and don't learn their language, you can't eat or use the bathroom.
  • If adults speak a foreign language poorly, you should laugh at them so that you don't have to listen to bad language.
  • If your mom makes you clean your room, don't hide your stuff in the closet, 'cause she will look there...pile it on your bed, then make the bed.
  • You shouldn't eat any food that has eyes that look at you.
  • Always take a grandparent shopping with you in case you don't have enough money, 'cause this won't work with a parent.
  • If someone is boring you, tell them you have to use the restroom...then don't come back.
What are some of the things children in your life have taught you?

See Art Linkletter and his kids by clicking on the link:


  1. Hi:
    When we were at the beach a few years ago, my young niece warned me to not go too far out in the water or the "under toad" would get me.
    Carol Wood

  2. Carol,
    I love this one! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Children in my life have taught me that it really is okay to eat with my hands (once in a while anyway)! Love this post and love your congratulatory comment on our wedding anniversary! Thanks so much!

  4. I love that show too. It was right before my time, but I've gotten to see a few episodes and yes, the interviewing the children part always gets me wild with laughter! Children in my life have taught me that it's quite alright to eat icecream for dinner when you put lots of things on it like fruit and honey and almonds or pinenuts and whipcream and crumbles and chocolate, because you're still eating from the food groups, it's delicious, you get full, and because no one will pick at it.

  5. Hi Annie!
    You will not believe this but MY SISTER
    was on that show!!!!! She was totally unimpressed with being on TV but she loved the "enticing parting gifts". I thing it consisted of a "T"ball game,some other,games and other stuff to play with.....

  6. Strangely enough, I was quoting Art Linkletter today on a blog comment, telling someone about his "kids say the darndest things" because she is in a different country and I doubted she'd heard of him! This was so wonderful, these treasured phrases only a child could think up. I thank you for brightening my day with them! And I was wondering if anyone else remembered him unless they were at least 52 like me! Yea, I'm not alone!

  7. Love these, especially true about shopping with grandparents, works every time! I'm 56, so I watched this for a long long time. I always wanted to be on there, but I doubt that I would have said much that was amusing back then. Thanks for the memory!