Wednesday, September 9, 2009

White Wednesday: The Birds and Beads

Above necklace of cultured freshwater pearls is by Paloma Picasso for Tiffany.

All pearls from Tiffany & Co.

Above: 96 inches of cultured freshwater pearls from Tiffany & Co.
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Don't you just love that pearls come in so many whites? I am amused when I wear pearls and someone tells me that they look so real.

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  1. The pearls are gorgeous and the grackle is hilarious!
    Carol Wood

  2. The picture gets special with the bird in it.I am ignorant when it comes to pearls,I have from my mother and grandmother,and I know they are real,but I cannot see it myself.

  3. H Annie!
    Great pictures they must be seed pearls!!!!! (not with Paloma's jewelry)......

  4. French Treasures: Thanks. The grackle is funny to me also, We bought him and his mate off a Christmas tree in Paris shop window one winter. It struck us as funny to see them as Christmas decorations.

    alette siri ane: I can't always tell the real thing either.

    Maryanne: Your are so witty!!

  5. I lover pearls, too. My Dh gave me a special necklace for our 20th anniversary and I can't wear them enough.

    Your bird is so much fun, and what a great story of how you found him.

  6. Pearls! Treasures of the sea! These are so beautiful! And that bird makes me SMILE!