Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drip Irrigation for Pot Plants

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On a recent weekend, Tall Husband installed a drip irrigation system for our two large pots of hydrangeas. Hydrangeas require lots of water in our hot Texas sun. You can see the small black tubes in the photo above. The tubes are attached to a hose that is attached to a hydrant with a timer. The tubes and hose have since been hidden among the foliage and behind the pots. We purchased the timer and system from our local hardware store. This system will keep our hydrangeas from looking like boiled spinach when we are away on trips.

Now, I just need to run back to that hardware store and ask those guys what to get for those iron stains on our new sidewalk! I fertilized the lawn in the rain to save water and time. Not smart but, after all, I'm a blond.

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