Thursday, June 5, 2008

Music, Music Everywhere

Bose SoundDock with iPod nano

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Some of the Music on my iPod

Last month prior to our visit to Tall Son's, he telephoned to ask that I bring my laptop and some of my favorite CD's to Austin. He was secretive but couldn't fool this mom. I told a friend that my son, the software engineer, was going to put my music on my laptop so that I could listen to it anywhere. What a bright kid! But no! He, my daughter-in-law and Tall Husband were about to push me and my music into the 21st century.

In our family we do not give gifts for birthday's or other occasions unless a superb gift comes along at that time. So, daughter-in-law decided such a gift had come along. I needed an iPod, she thought and Tall Husband thought a portable SoundDock was called for. I was blown away by the gifts. After my son and my twelve-year-old twin granddaughters (read "iPod experts") showed me how to buy some favorite music from iTunes and sync my CD's, I was transported to digital music heaven.

The sound quality of these two products together is intoxicating. I was so tipsy that I grabbed Tall Husband for a dance around daughter-in-law's kitchen but, as you know, I can't dance. Tall Husband just smiled at my exuberance and asked, "What's this? The granny wiggle?"

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