Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Haiku And The Horse You Rode In On

Sculpture at Redbud Gallery, Houston, Texas

Haiku And The Horse You Rode In On

Animals kept in a zoo

Books locked in a library

Me with you

by Annie for a friend in pain

I wrote this eons ago for a friend who was going through a divorce. It was written from her perspective. She kept a copy of it above her desk at work and read it aloud when she had to muster courage to face the next fifteen minutes of life. She subsequently remarried, has a happy family and cannot even remember what's his face.

Yes, yes, I know. My haiku doesn't follow the 5/7/5 haiku rule but few written in English do. It breaks a lot of other rules too. However, my friend said that these words helped her through a tough time.

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