Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Bunny on the Block

Terracotta Bunny, Thompson+Hanson, Houston, Texas

All right, the last thing The Bunny Bungalow needed was another bunny but I couldn't resist this big terracotta guy. While shopping for bunnies, I met a delightful woman, Mary from San Antonio, Texas who was visiting Houston to find an architect to design her house. She lives on a ranch and is a self-described "bunny person." She told me about the many varieties of wild rabbits living on her land. She also advised me on my bunny selection, assuring me that this one is quite wonderful.

In exchange for her wonderful bunny story, you know how I love stories, I gave her the name of the architect who designed Thompson+Hanson's buildings, Allan Bianchi.

Have a Happy weekend!

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