Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sitting Pretty

Apple in a Child's Vintage Chair


Tall Husband and I were not shopping for antiques. We were merely driving by, on our way to breakfast when we spotted this tiny child's chair sitting in front of a shop. We ignored it. The next day there it was again. Tall Husband pulled the car over and said, "You know you want it."

Can't you just imagine a tiny child sitting there his first day of school, missing his mom, fighting back tears, wondering what this is all about? Then later he sits in his little chair and learns a new song; makes friends with other boys and girls who are sitting in their identical chairs; learns to correctly hold a pencil and trace letters; then finding himself out of paper he decides that the back of his chair will do just fine for his large scribble. So he makes his first mark on the world.

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