Monday, November 3, 2008


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This is a special month. It is the anniversary of the beginning of our courtship. It was many years ago, in November, that Tall Husband and I finally found each other.

Why the college diploma above? Thanks for asking! You see, Tall Husband had asked me, when we first met, what sort of attributes I looked for in a man. I answered that the combination of intelligence and wit was a real turn on for me. So the first time I visited his apartment for dinner, he insisted that I go sit in his bed. There I sat, fully clothed, in his bed. From that vantage point, directly in my line of sight, was his recently framed and hung Rice University diploma.

Annie is here to tell you, that tipped the scale! Happy anniversary, Tall Husband!

Confession: Thanks to Picasa 3, I altered Tall Husband's diploma to display his blog name. Click on photo to enlarge.


  1. Happy anniversary! Nothing like an intelligent man,big turn on for me too!

  2. Intelligence and wit is a big turn on for me as well.

    I had no idea that Rice's degrees look so...nontraditional. I guess I'm not surprised. I SO wanted to go to Rice when I was in high school. The director of bands (I was a MOB Reservist so I knew the then director pretty well) was ready to get me in...dang if the SAT got my goat. Just couldn't quite score high enough. Oh well, if I hadn't gone to A&M, I wouldn't have met my own tall husband! :) Everything happens for a reason.

    PS. I still love Rice and would still LOVE to get a postgrad degree from there. :)

  3. Gotta love those HUGE Rice diplomas.