Friday, November 14, 2008

As Time Goes By

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On the eve of their tenth birthday, my twin granddaughters were visiting. Sofia got uncharacteristically silly and loud. I asked, "Sofia, what are you doing?"

She answered, now being quite serious, "I'm being nine while I still can. I'm about to go into my double digits and that's scary."

I remember thinking,
Oh no, she's going to grow up to be Steven Wright, the comedian.

Now I find that he seems to be using her material. (Toward the end of the video, Steven says he was in therapy when he was nine because...)

Note: When I tested this embedded video, I noticed it did not "work" in my version of Windows Internet Explorer, i.e., the "black box." If this is the case for you, try Mozilla Firefox or SeaMonkey for viewing this strange video.


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