Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lorgnette: New Old Word

This is a vintage lorgnette, a surprise gift from Tall Husband.

This is also Lorgnette.
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Pronunciation: \lȯrn-ˈyet\

Have you ever had a strange word pop out of your mouth? A word that you didn't know was in your head? Well that happened to me at a jewelry shop. Tall Husband held up some glasses with a handle and asked, "What are these?"

My mouth answered, "Lorgnette! And I want them." But they were sold, waiting for the new owner to pick them up. Later, Tall Husband secretly called the store and had them search for another pair. I like these better than the first pair. They are so useful at art galleries, for surreptitiously looking at prices...and if I do get caught in the act, my lorgnette makes it all look so chic.

There is also another meaning for the word
lorgnette: a delightful character played by Belgian actress, Hélène Pirenne. She is Lorgnette in a play produced by Théâtre du Sursaut and presented throughout Europe. Pirenne is a raucous, irreverent puppeteer and storyteller. And her Lorgnette is totally lovable. The show is like being thrust back in time, into burlesque... but in French. See her in action here, as she presents her version of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Ridinghood.)


  1. Oohh yay, a new word for me to seem incredibly clever with, thank you!
    love Alison x

  2. Hello Alison,
    Thanks for stopping by. I visited your on-line shop the other day and love your lovely things!

  3. So if I popped these out of my bag rather than my funky half reading glasses, I'd be chic? Awesome.

  4. Hi shesue,
    Sometimes "funky" is better than "chic," I think.