Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Holiday Remembered

Everyone helped to prepare the Thanksgiving table. The aroma of Saara's wonderful food filled the house. Though Saara is not originally from the United States, she prepared the traditional dinner for us; complete with pecan pie but with a zing of fresh orange.

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A future blogger recorded the event. This is our granddaughter, Andrea Gabriela, who is, as her Grandmother Mary says, "twelve going on thirty." I would show you the other twin, Sofia, but why? They are identical, so just imagine this girl with upswept hair and the same dress in a different blue.

We all wished that the other three grandchildren and their parents from Moscow, Russia could have been there. Perhaps another holiday!

My ex-husband and his wife Mary were there also. I had the opportunity to thank Mary again for always being the other mom for my children. Over the years, via telephone and mail, she and I have made the "big decisions" in the lives of our children when they were young.

I know from experience: it isn't easy being a stepparent but Mary and my Tall Husband have done it with tolerance, skill, grace and love. And they are still there when our grownup children need a hand. So a special Thanksgiving to you both.

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