Monday, February 23, 2009

Gifts of Spring

Spring has brought a few of her azaleas early this year.  Their soft fragrance fills the outdoors with intoxicating perfume.

They are perfect on the bush but no one could resist bringing some indoors... their perfume can waft through the bungalow.

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White Rabbit agrees!

Update: Blogger Problem:  If you and/or I have disappeared as a follower from a blog:  There is a Google glitch, according to Blogger Help Group at  About half of several bloggers' followers have disappeared from their blogs.  I do not know the corrective action at this moment.


  1. Thanks for that info - I was having issues earlier, and I'm never quite sure if I'm at fault or if I can blame someone/thing else!

  2. How wonderfull to see the Azalea.I used to visit my brothers in Charleston,and time it to go when the Azalea bloomed at one of thr plantations!The brothers have moved back to Norway after 18 years in the US!I will miss the azaleas.

  3. Your floral arrangement is beautiful! And, you know, I can never resist a lovely white rabbit! Awesome!