Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Go Away, Tennessee Williams

There is no ignoring it. Today I'm feeling antsy; I need a change. My teeth are on edge...


...and wild thoughts are flying around inside my head. I'm stuck in the past and future, mentally grinding away at them. Tennessee Williams is writing my life this week and has turned me into Maggie in his
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. (Thank you, Tennessee, for not writing in her awful husband and for leaving me with my own Tall Husband.)

My Tuesday's to-do list isn't the key to this dilemma. A change of place? Shoe shopping? Change my hair color? Buy another book? Travel? Redo the bathroom? No this all takes money and in this economy, one must conserve.

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To stamp out these thoughts and straighten my head, I'll take a walk, holding hands with Tall Husband. Together we'll figure out something wild. Two wild thinkers are better than one dull head. No offence, Tennessee.

Note: "Effugio" (Latin for escape or elude) painting from our collection is by Linda Hickerson-Hofheinz. My Photos of same.

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