Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's To-do List

  1. Make a wish. I know it's not four-leaf clover but these are hard times, so three will have to do!

2. Find winter color.

3. Smell the roses. A cliche...but one that really works.

4. Bring sprigs of Rosemary indoors.

5. Contemplate the most nearly perfect shape that Mother Nature has to offer.

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6. Find Mother Nature's tiniest offering that can be seen with the naked eye.

7. Close my eyes and smell my world.

The most influential people in my life have been teachers. I remember an important lesson taught by my fourth-grade teacher. She took the class out of doors, then gave each of us some string and instructed each student to find four twigs. We were to use the string and twigs to stake out a small square of ground and observe what was within the area of earth we had claimed. We were amazed at all we found. Then she told us, "Look again." And we found more. Then she told us to close our eyes and listen to sounds around us. Then, "Children, with your eyes still closed, what smells do you notice?" When we returned to the classroom, we had excited conversations about our discoveries.

On the way home from school that afternoon, I saw, heard and smelled my world through new, sharper senses. I have continued use my teacher's lesson to be a better observer; to center myself in the here and now; to stop myself from getting trapped in the past or future. And to imagine and wonder how others experience their environments.

Oh, I almost forgot number 8: "Really look into the eyes of everyone I meet today, memorize their faces, then give them a gentle smile."


  1. I love your to-do list, especially number eight. I will be thinking of that as I go about my day.