Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dream World

"Drifting Aimlessly," an etching by Dan Mitchell Allison, from our collection.
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Do you ever have dreams of flying? Do you dream in color or black & white?

I haven't had flying dreams for years. Perhaps I stopped having them because they always ended with my being suddenly awakened by the sensation that I had just fallen from a great distance onto my bed, with my heart pounding in fear. I have always dreamed in color and was astounded to learn, as a child, that some people dream in black and white.

One recent morning when I awakened from my dreaming, I realized that I was always young in my dreams. At a point in my life I had stopped aging and was stuck somewhere in my late twenties. In my dreams, I had seamlessly transitioned myself from childhood into adulthood without the merest notice of having done so. But here I was frozen in perpetual youth in my dream world. When I mentioned this to Tall Husband, he reminded me that we are the authors of our own dreams.

So in the next few dreams, I seemed to be my actual age. But enough of that! Rewrite!  I am now back to being a mere slip of a girl. Whose dream is this anyway?


  1. Aren't dreams interesting?! I have some that are so fantastical that I wish I could paint them, and they are always in color. I also have weird ones where I can actually feel things in them. Like once I fell onto some very dreamy velvety grass,and in my dream I could feel it on my face.
    I'm younger in mine sometimes....I think I go back and forth too much to realize it though.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Sounds as though you have the dreams of the artist that you are. Hmm...I can't remember having sensory dreams. Velvety grass does sound wonderful.