Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Misfit

This little antique chandelier came with our Arts & Crafts bungalow. I know it is a misfit but that is precisely why I love it. I've had to fend off an uncle who decided that it must be replaced with lighting to match the style of the house. I've held out against other members of the family who complained about the lack of real light.

But one should never challenge an old woman who has survived the Age of Hysterectomy with her original plumbing intact; for she is skilled in the defense of dear old things.

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Shine on little chandelier. I promise that another fixture shall never take your place and that fluorescence shall never touch your sockets.


  1. Hi, Annie, I have a very ornate 5-light wall sconce that is the same style as this chandelier, with the same candle covers, except mine are black. I tried to figure out its approximate date, style, and origin and came up with very little except a notion that these fixtures were made in Spain in the first half of the 20th century. Beyond that, I haven't a clue. Do you know anything about yours?


  2. Hi Kathie,
    I have no information on my chandelier. When you mention Spain, that reminds me: when we were in Spain in Summer 2007 all of their wonderful chandeliers had those ugly, squiggly fluorescent bulbs in them. It made one want to weep.