Friday, February 6, 2009

Pulpoetry at Found

Last night at Found, Barbara Hill, the designer of The New York Times, Dwell, and Metropolitan Home fame, presented her original noiresque narrative which was silk screened onto cushions and chairs. I tell you, Barbara channeled Bogey and Bacall for this wonderful production.

In the Big City there are hundreds of interesting people and they were all at Found last night. (Oh, dear, I think some of the noir rubbed off on me!)

The lady with the long red hair is Barbara Hill...of course.

Talk about pillow on the photos to see what pillows are saying these days.

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And could one resist bringing home a little something? Well, not this one. Later, over at My Ranchburger, I'll show you the classy item that Tall Husband and I couldn't leave without. It just spoke to us.

P.S. Designer/Blogger Carolina of Carolina Eclectic was there. Can't wait to see her photos, as they are always fantastic.

P.P.S. I was lamenting to Barbara Hill about missing out on the purchase of her famous home in Marfa, Texas, when she told me that the dance hall she has just redone is available. "The Bunny Dance Hall?" No, it just doesn't have that alliteration and cadence I crave. And Tall Husband refuses to move to Marfa.

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  1. Love seeing shots of the store - that's Aaron's baby for sure! Bethany was tickled at your comment on the blog about her singing tunes from "Annie" (Aaron bought her the movie when he was here last week!). Take care