Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Right Frame of Mine

This is the second day of framing out back of The Bunny Bungalow. Tall Husband looks on.

Tall Husband took this shot of the second floor while standing on a stack of lumber.

The weather is beautiful...perfect for framing.

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A huge hawk soars above the construction site. I think he approves...or has he spotted Ouisie, our neighbor's tiny Chihuahua?!


  1. everything is oming along nicely..

  2. I have a question on your comment about the Hawk. I have a very furry Pom, not REAL tiny but small. She is in the back yard a lot and I have seen hawks swoop down and grab small birds that are feeding at our feeder. Could they carry off a small dog if the Hawk was large enough? Or even a small Hawk. You mentioned your neighbors dog...and I started to worry a bit. I thought the bird had to be really huge. Sort of concerns me. Even if he couldn't hand onto her, he could kill her if he dropped her.
    I hope I'm not asking something silly but thought you might know.
    Love your bunnies. The season is soon upon us..just a few more months. *smile*
    I'm in California, not Texas and we don't grow things very big out here. We specialize in car thief's!
    Your studio should be coming right along by now...IF you didn't get the kind of rain we did. I gotta stop those rain dances I guess.

  3. WOW! Looks like a BIG project... can't wait to watch it come along! I shall return!