Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Adventure

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"Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament on a vintage Rolls-Royce

While we were having our morning coffee, we suddenly remembered an early morning commitment to attend and shoot an event, but we had visitors who were asleep in their beds. "We can go and be back before anyone is awake," I said. So at the crack of dawn this morning, Tall Husband and I were hand washing our Porsche in the chill of morning. We then left a note for our sleeping house guests, Tall Son, Saara and the Twins, letting them know that we were off to Houston Coffee and Cars gathering. The event was wonderful (see the slide show, Coffee and Cars, Houston January 2, 2010, right.) We got to show off our car, see lots of cool rides and shoot the entire event.

We were back home, with breakfast croissants for everyone, about the time they were brushing the sleep from their eyes.

Note: Tall Husband and I did all this with only one pair of good hands between us!


  1. Hi Annie!
    Well I for one am glad you two hustled out of there and got those pictures! What beautiful automobiles! My favorite has to be the old "bathtub" Porsche. All were gorgeous...Hey why didn't TH buy that black car he was looking at? It looks like he cound get in and out of it easier!HEHE. Maryanne XO

  2. amazing photos... and all that before breakfast... you are woman... hear you roar! okay... well... growl a little anyway!

    You could have posted that hood ornament on Silver Sunday!

    new year blessings. Dixie