Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slab Happy

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The slab for the garage/studio is completed. This morning the workmen remove the wooden forms. Miraculously, no dogs, cats or children left their paw prints.


  1. Hi, Annie! Send those trucks my way! I need a new garage since I enclosed the old one during the house renovations. Thanks for coming by to visit. I enjoyed hearing about your handgun story. My husband got his CHL years ago and has bugged me about getting one, so I finally gave in and took the class. I really had fun! BTW, I looked over at And So They Met and loved the idea of posting love stories. I'll be following.

  2. Annie,
    I am so enjoying your post about your remodeling project. Well now you have a slab, good place to pitch a tent if you need to!!!And with all this rain I'm glad the pouring is over??? Hang in there, it will be gorgeous when it's done.Maryanne xo