Monday, January 11, 2010

When It Doesn't Rain, They Pour

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Photos by Tall Husband

This is truly an exciting day at The Bunny Bungalow! With the freeze and rain over, the crew arrived and poured our slab. As I was at the surgeon's office getting stitches removed from my hand, Tall Husband took photos when the pouring of the cement began. I arrived when the second cement truck drove up to the back gate. We were like kids, jumping up and down and giggling...well, Tall Husband doesn't giggle so I giggle for both of us. (Click on the slide show, at right, to see the progression of events at The Bunny Bungalow.)


  1. the best part of living in S.Texas... 1-week of winter! I know you're excited...

  2. So exciting when a plan comes together!

    Tricia - Avolli