Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's a Wrap!

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View from my kitchen door today.

The framing crew is finished and is hauling away trash. The garage/studio has been wrapped in Tyvek. Thanks, Men!

Note: And while the crews have been busy building the garage/studio for us, what have we been doing? Regular daily stuff plus visiting showrooms and selecting kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, windows and lighting fixtures.

Also, I've been getting My Ranchburger ready for sale. No easy task, as I have lived there for thirty-five years (lots of stuff and such to recycle, including memories.) In My Ranchburger, I helped raise five cherished children...two birth children and three step children. Four of the children cheered me through two college degrees and the last one helped me out of the house each morning to a new career. My Ranchburger has seen me through a failing marriage, then later welcomed Tall Husband with wide open doors.

Yes, lots of stuff and such to recycle...


  1. Looks like your studio/garage is coming right along. I'm sure you will love it when it's finished. Twenty five years ago my husband asked what I thought about building a workshop in the backyard. I said I thought it was a wonderful idea as the not very large house was bustin' at the seams with two daughters, two dogs and two businesses. I do believe the backhoe was digging within the week,just in case I changed my mind...

  2. Can't you just imagine the fun you'll have here?! New start, new hope...along with the faithful Bunny Bungalow.

  3. What a wonderful post full of a life story past, present and future.

    You sound so happy.

    All the very best to the two of you in your new adventure. (My architect Reason-For-Living-In-France would appreciate your comment in the earlier post.)

    Once again, I'm charmed by your blog.

    Warm regards,

  4. Wow...that seemed fast! What's next, I mean besides finishing the inside...(I love watching things like this.)

  5. I love watching the progress. Keep us posted!

  6. An new place to create new memories!

    It's going to be done before you know it.