Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday's Shot

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Wednesday, the Builder, the Architect, Tall Husband and I had our weekly meeting at The Bunny Bungalow to discuss the progress and the next steps in the construction of the garage/studio out behind the Bungalow. There were some tense moments, as the architect found some things that were not executed according to her plans. I'm so glad we asked our architects to oversee the's worth the extra expense. Plus, we have a great builder, so we know he'll get things corrected.

See that little crape myrtle in the right foreground? It is one of three that we had professionally transplanted to make way for the garage/studio. Let's hope they all bloom this summer!

Note: As usual, there are more photos in the slide show to the right.


  1. you are moving right along...

  2. good to see there is progress at the bungalow! always seems to be meetings and delays in construction but thoughtful planning always pay off- continued success...


  3. What a DREAM coming true....that is one great looking bldg. under construction.
    I am sure you and it will live happily ever after.