Saturday, January 9, 2010

Houston, We Have a Freeze!

The pad has been prepared, at just $4,600 over budget for this item (remember the "water bed" soil that had to be augmented?)

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The slab was to have been poured this week; however, the temperature is in the teens...unusual for semi-tropical Houston. So, the pouring of the cement is postponed until next week. Monday, we hope.


  1. where's that global warming when you need it???

  2. Annie... is your back yard sloped?... or is that just your camera angle?

  3. Hi Deb: LOL!!!

    Hi Countrypolitan: It's the camera angle/perspective.

  4. Glad to see ya'll have survived our "Artic Blast"! Really pees me off---I am a Southern gal for a reason! :) xo..deb