Monday, May 5, 2008

Heights Hip

Portrait: Wayne Gilbert of G Gallery

Susan Plum's Paintings at Redbud Gallery (below)

Kelly Alison's Work at G Gallery (below)

Chris Hedrick at Nauhaus (below)

Gus Kopriva (red shirt) with art patrons at his Redbud Gallery (below)

There is a tradition in the Heights called First Saturday. This monthly event offers a festive way to go gallery hopping, shopping, etc. while sampling free drinks, food and live music in the historic downtown and along the East 11th Art Corridor. Tall Husband and I usually walk to everything but there are free trolley rides. Last Saturday night, Tall Husband and I hit the Galleries: First we popped into Gus Kopriva's Redbud Gallery to see Susan Plum's show, "Knots-Nudos," then next door to Wayne Gilbert's G Gallery to view Kelly Alison's "Blood Money" exhibit. Across the street, is Dan Mitchell Allison's Gallery Nauhaus with Chris Hedrick's show, "Objects." It's not unusual for a show to be almost sold out before the opening night for these galleries. Tall Husband knows to get to the galleries early the day they are hanging the exhibitions and "buy some red dots" before opening night.

If you miss out on an art piece that you wish you had bought, Nancy Smith is your go-to person for sourcing a particular artist's work. You can contact her through Gallery Nauhaus.

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