Friday, May 9, 2008

Tea Time

Decades ago, before grandchildren, before The Bunny Bungalow, Tall Husband and I were at a chic mall. Suddenly there it was in a window of an unlikely shop, spread out for a picnic tea. Tall Husband saw me put my hand over my heart and ran into the shop to enquire. Yes, it was a set and the only one they had and it cost $500.00 USD. We walked away because we are so rational.
Some time later, on my birthday, when I arrived home from work, I found Tall Husband sitting on the floor of the living room. Spread before him was the tea set, ready to serve tea and English biscuits. It seems that this surprise was from him, my son and daughter-in-law. Over the years, Tall Husband and I have had teas, as he read Peter Rabbit to me. Then, when the grandchildren arrived, a tradition of tea and story time evolved.

Tall Husband tells me, "If you could have seen your face when you had it pressed against that shop window, you would have bought it for you." Awwww, Tall Husband.

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