Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Russian Bungalow

Egg House, Moscow, Russia
Photo by NVO, from Wikipedia. Permission granted to copy, distribute and/or modify under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License.

Photos of this weird, wonderful Moscow house, designed by architect Sergei Tkachenko, have been in my clipping collection since late last year and I can't stop dreaming of it. Tkachenko was reportedly and obviously inspired by Faberge eggs. According to the International Herald Tribune, the house was on the market for around $10 million. That price tag seems staggering until you hear that a Russian by the name of Alexander Ivanov paid $17.7 million for a much smaller egg, a gold and pink enamel Faberge egg, once owned by the Rothchilds. Alexander, you can't even eat the egg you bought, much less live in it. You should have bought the house!

There's still hope: my daughter and her family live in Moscow. Son-in-law, could you ask your lawfirm for a raise so you could buy this house and invite me to visit? I know eggzactly how we could design the interior.

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