Thursday, May 29, 2008

Collecting Art at The Bunny Bungalow

Chances Are
Polymer Photogravuer on Reves BFK, hand colored in the plate; Artist: Dan Mitchell Allison

Acrylic on board by Linda Hickerson-Hofheinz

Clare, Patron of Skeptics
Acrylic on board by Linda Hickerson-Hofheinz

The Howling Hat
Acrylic on Canvas by Linda Hickerson-Hofheinz

Acrylic on board by Linda Hickerson-Hofheinz

Tall Husband and I are modest but passionate collectors. Collecting art is such a personal, subjective endeavor, who can really explain why a piece speaks to us? We like to know the Artist and the piece has to appeal to both of us (if not those pieces are hung in our respective offices.) There are very few pieces of art on which we do not agree. We are both of the opinion that if the artist is out to shock, it's probably not art. Much like a radio shock jock is not a journalist. That's not to say that art is not to be provocative: we like a touch of edginess. But a giant, ejaculating penis crudely painted on a bed sheet (seen at a recent gallery show) is not provocative and it's not art. Come on guy, we already know you've got one of those!

Above are some works that we have collected, photographed in situ at The Bunny Bungalow. They are by Texas artists Linda Hickerson-Hofheinz and Dan Mitchell Allison. I have been collecting Dan Mitchell Allison's pieces since college. As a wedding gift, I gave Tall Husband a piece by Dan. Linda's work is a more recent discovery. We both are blown away by her medieval take on modern themes.

My advice on collecting is to train your eye: go to museums; study all styles of art in art books; visit museums and galleries on line; get on the mailing lists of local galleries and attend the shows. Oh, and be careful about that free wine at gallery openings. Mixing booze and art can be like going to a pick-up bar: the more you drink, the better it looks.

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