Friday, May 30, 2008

Tintin in Texas

My old Tintin Watch

Tintin and Milou Napkins

I adore Tintin and his sidekick, Milou. Oh, I know that Milou is known as Snowy in the English translations, but my grandson Alexander, who grew up in France, first introduced him as Milou, so Milou he shall remain. From my small collection, the above are two of my favorites: a watch that Tall Husband bought me when we were in Paris and a set of gray linen napkins we found in Brussels while visiting my daughter and her family. Brussels is Tintin central. is a favorite site. According to the bio there, Tintin and Milou will be 80 years old next year, as the renowned reporter and his sidekick dog, Milou set out on their first adventure to Russia on January 10, 1929. Their adventures have been translated into more than 80 languages.

Here's a secret: Tall Husband looks like Tintin, especially in the morning when he first gets out of bed with his hair sticking up into that Tintin point in the middle of his head. So adorable!

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