Monday, March 2, 2009

Go With the Grain

Old grain sacks from Germany, France and other countries add interest to any style of decor. Grain-sack central in Houston is Installations Antiques.  Installations has these vintage handwoven sacks made into cushions and even use them in the upholstery of antique chairs and sofas. Above, at Installations, Sam shows his approval of two cushions that Installations has made from vintage German sacks for our bungalow.

Sam loves to pose for photo shoots!  Why shouldn't he...he knows that he is beautiful.

Back at the bungalow, we play stylist with these wonderful cushions.

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Dies ist ein großes Aussehen! Or to put it another way: This is a great look!

Note to Sam the woman (not Sam the Cat): Tall Husband and I enjoyed meeting you while at Installations last Saturday!

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  1. The German vintage grain-sacks are awesome! I've never seen them before. I have a huge collection of American vintage floral feedsacks which I love. But these that you have recently purchased add such wonderful charm to your bungalow! Really great look!

  2. Hello Coralie,
    Thank you! I remember the American vintage flower sacks from my childhood but haven't seen them for awhile. What a treasure you have.