Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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Coralie at The Charms of Ordinary Days has presented The Bunny Bungalow with this award. I am so honored by this generous gesture. Thank you Coralie!

With this honor comes the opportunity to share this award with other bloggers whose writings share the friendship of time and place. It was tough narrowing it down but here are my nine (The award rules stipulate eight but nine is the best narrowing I can do):

  1. Home in the Heights: because this Blogger is one awesome, intelligent Wife and Mom. If there really is reincarnation, I'm coming back as Kelley's kid.
  2. Rule, Brittaniea: This Woman has a way with words; precise, edgy and bright; she could be her generations Dorothy Parker.
  3. Design on Post: This Woman is a super Mom and Military Wife who leaves everyone and every place better than she found them. Knowing the commitment to country that military wives make, I'm in awe of Tara.
  4. Sheltie Queen: Fiona is a great writer who shares the process with us, along with her home rehab. We will all buy her books as she completes them.
  5. SheSue Experience: This Woman takes us places we wouldn't have the courage to go alone.
  6. Gossamer Wings: Elizabeth relishes her family and a life spent around the world, and shares the best parts with us. If you haven't tried her recipe for shortbread, you are missing a bit of heaven.
  7. Neon Poisoning: Mr. Kimberly finds beauty in the world around him and isn't afraid to jump right into raw life. He makes me brave.
  8. Aurea: This transcontinental Woman, Mary-laure, has developed a keen eye for the best that cultures have to offer, and through her interesting observations and photography shares with us.
  9. Tiny White Bungalow: This is one brave home owner and fellow Bungalow lover. While we are dreaming of buying another house, Mona is out closing on the deal.
Again thank you Coralie; especially for this opportunity to link to others who share their lives with us through their unique photography and writing.


  1. Oh my goodness! Being called an awesome and intelligent mom first thing in the morning is a GREAT way to start my day ! Thank you Annie, and congrats to you on the award. SO well deserved! I look forward to getting to know your other picks (that I don't already know) :-)

    ... and I'm totally trying that shortbread recipe this weekend. Shortbread = One of my favorite things.

  2. Hi... I was looking at the pictures of the china on the Post's site and saw that you have some Swid Powell china! It was such a treat to see it, as it is pretty rare. I have a couple of pieces, which I collect one-by-one.

  3. Hi Pigtown-Design,
    Thanks for stopping by! Wasn't Swid Powell great!? I'm so happy to hear from another fan of their designs. I have the entire set which I bought from the Houston Museum of Fine Arts gift shop some years back. The Museum guards had a fit when they saw us leaving the museum with boxes. We got searched.

    BTW that photo is on my other blog:

  4. Aww, thanks Annie. Your blog is one of my daily must reads, I'm glad I found you!

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words and award! I love reading your blog, I wish I knew about all the things to do in Houston that you do when we lived there! I also wish I could've met you as well!