Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to Stop Losing Things

Now where did I put it!?

Oh!  Now I remember...there it is.
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I recently attended an excellent seminar on the aging mind and I'm reading two books on the subject that I purchased there.  Dr. William Matteson was the lecturer. According to Dr. Matteson, geriatric psychologist and author of "Stop Memory Loss," we spend about four weeks per year looking for things we've misplaced.  He gives several strategies to remedy this irritating habit.  Aside from committing to stop misplacing things, making a list of things we misplace, and always putting things in the same place, the most useful strategy, in my opinion, is verbalization. For example, when you are putting your keys down, you should say aloud, "I'm putting my keys on the coffee table."

Have you ever gone charging through the house for something, only to get to your destination and forget what you're there for?  I have.  Dr. Matteson's suggestion for this memory glitch is to, "Move faster, because if you get there within 90 seconds, you'll remember."

Now if someone could just tell me how to stop losing money in the market!

Note: In the photographs above, Sam of Installations Antiques is demonstrating misplacing and finding his tail.